XW CELLCLEAN is a Sysmex-developed cleaning product for the XW-100 that requires nothing more than for operators to insert an XW CELLCLEAN vial into the analyzer when prompted by the onscreen display. XW CELLCLEAN is required by the analyzer at least once every 7 days. In addition, the analyzer performs an automatic rinse every 4 hours and background check after every sample that requires no user intervention unless a problem is detected.

The analyzer will display an instruction to run XW CELLCLEAN every 7 days, or more often if the analyzer detects a need for maintenance. If an operator does not perform maintenance when prompted, the analyzer

will lock out any further testing until maintenance is performed. After each maintenance cycle, operators will be required by onscreen prompts to run Quality Control.


A Shutdown Quick Guide is provided. In addition, shutdown procedures are prompted on the display. These procedures include draining all fluids from the analyzer. The analyzer may remain shut down indefinitely, and will require all standard procedures (e.g. maintenance, QC check) upon restart.


Performing General Care

Shutting Down to Move Instrument

Additional General Tasks